Cook abroad was founded in 2014 to please food lovers from all over the world. After living in London and taking many trips around the world I realized most of my traveling pictures were about food (it’s probably happened to you if you are a food lover like me!) and that the thing I enjoyed the most about each country was to discover the culinary wonders each place had to offer.

Once I came back to Argentina I decided I wanted everyone visiting my home town, Buenos Aires, to have the opportunity to experience the amazing local cuisine, culture and wine and created Cook Abroad.

We want to share with you our love for the local gastronomy and teach you how to prepare Argentine dishes that you can share with family and friends back home.  Our private and group classes are designed to be not only a learning experience, but also a fun and cultural activity.

We open the doors of our home to share everything we know about the local food, culture, and have a nice time enjoying the best of the Argentine cuisine.


Hope you join us on your next trip to Buenos Aires!