Finding the hidden gems of Buenos Aires, The best ice cream in the city is in…?

helado argentio

One of Buenos Aires strongest influencers (in the gastronomy scene at least) was as you al know Italy! we all love their pastas, pizzas and why not, we admit it we love all italian food in equal parts. Who doesn’t right?

But If there is one thing that stands out to all of us with a sweet tooth or with only a sweet tooth :). We LOVE italian style ice cream! And Buenos Aires is one of the best places to find it, lucky us!

The summer is here finally and we decided to volunteer in the very hard task of ice cream tasting through the city, here is our top 5 selection of hand made Buenos Aires ice cream:

  1. OCCO (Av. Dorrego 1581): Located in Palermo Hollywood in the border of Chacarita this small and charming shop has a quaint vintage style decoration, outdoor tables to sit down and most importantly the best hand made ice cream in the city! They have traditional tastes but also has very creative ones like spicy chocolate, cheese lemon, chocolate with honey and pistachios among many others.
  2. COMPAÑIA DE CHOCOLATES ( they have 3 locations in Palermo, Recoleta & Martinez):This chocolate shop and bakery is one of our favorites because as you can imagine has the most luscious creamy ice cream. It has a small selection of 8 tastes but trust us it is so worth it! you can find flavors like white chocolate with lime and praline, dark chocolate with caramelized cacao nibs, dulce de leche with natural dulce de leche…,do we need to say more?
  3. VEIKKO (also has several locations including Palermo, Las Cañitas, La Lucila & Martinez): They started a short while ago but their stuff is so good they are expanding fast! Veikko has a huge variety of tastes like blueberry mouse, peach & cookies, lemon pie, marroc (our personal favorite) and many others for us to enjoy.. yumm!
  4. LADO BUENO (with 3 locations in Belgrano, Paternal & Villa del Parque): This place is a classic, has been providing amazing ice cream for the last 20 years and keeps the high quality standards and not only has yummy flavors but also allows you to choose different topping to add to your ice cream like caramelized almonds, merengue and strawberries. Their flavor selection is more classic and some of the favorites are dark chocolate with caramelized almonds, strawberries & cream and dulce de leche with brownies.
  5. CIMINO R (Av. Rómulo Naón 2186 ) Last but not least, located in Belgrano R this very new ice cream shop offers gourmet flavors plus amazing pastries! Some of the tastes they offer are white chocolate with coffee, clementine, mascarpone & figs, to name a few. The shop is run by its owner and the attention is really superb.

Whichever you decide to try you wont be disappointed!

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