MEAT, MEAT and more MEAT!


Argentine Meat

Argentina is known for lots of local specialties but the the one thing every visitor wants to have is Argentine meat! why is the country so famous for its meat? Cows were brought to the country by the spanish and because of the optimal conditions in the Pampas for them here they reproduced rapidly meaning Argentines had a high supply of great quality cow meat.

As a result today Argentina has the second highest consumption of meat in the world with an average of fifty five kilograms per capita a year (yes we love our beef!)

Now lets move to the most interesting part, when coming to Buenos Aires, where to eat the best meat you have ever had? if you enjoy dining out, restaurants like La cabrera and La brigada can provide you with a great quality juicy steak. But even better why not learn how to prepare your own Argentine meat and enjoy it with some great malbec wine in our Buenos Aires Meat and Wine Class!

Once you arrive to the Buenos Aires Meat and Wine Class, our chef will teach you all the tips and tricks you need to know to enjoy a typical Argentine meal designed for meat lovers. We start the Buenos Aires Meat and Wine Class with meat and cheese empanadas, following some meat cooked with amazing malbec sauce accompanied by some fried flat bread, and we couldn’t leave you without a typical dessert to end the class: Flan with local caramel (dulce de leche).

Are you dreaming of that juicy meat? click to join us in the Buenos Aires Meat and Wine Class!