Buenos Aires Argentine food Class


Buenos Aires Argentine food Class will give you a glimpse of all what Argentine food represents. we start with chipa bread (cheese bread balls) from the north of Argentina with indigenous influences. Prepare  Carbonada criolla (local meat stew) which originally came from belgium and Argentines adapted to local tastes, and end with alfajores stuffed with dulce de leche (yummy local milk and sugar sweet). Argentine food was formed with the influence of the people who came to live to the country along the years, as a 200 year old country it was formed with immigrants from all over the world who let us borrow a bit of each country’s cuisine and transform them over the centuries to have a rich local gastronomy.

The Buenos Aires Argentine food Class will allow you to see for yourself the result of years of gastronomical exploration!


The Buenos Aires Argentine food Class includes:

  • Chipa Bread (Incredible gooey cheese bread from the north of Argentina)
  • Corn Empanadas (we will make the dough and filling from scratch)
  • Mate  (we will show you how to properly prepare it and taste traditional mate)
  • Carbonada Criolla (local meat stew with chorizo and malbec wine)- Vegetarian version available.
  • For dessert Alfajores with Dulce de leche (Amazing local sweet).
  • Malbec Wine


  • The minimum for this class is 2 people (this is a private class)
  • Buenos Aires Empanadas Class duration: 3 hs.
  • The Buenos Aires Argentine food Class includes all the ingredients and materials needed.
  • Class is available every day.
  • Flexible start time.
  • Class available in english and spanish.
  • Location:Palermo, City of Buenos Aires.



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