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Buenos Aires Meat and wine class


Argentina is famous for many thing but there are  two you can’t miss out of, our Meat and Wine. The Malbec vines were brought from france in 1852, after more than a hundred years the wine produced in Argentina from the French descendant vines is recognized in the world wide market and we want to give you a food and wine demonstration to celebrate the best we have to offer.

The Buenos Aires Meat and wine class will be everything you expect and more!

The Buenos Aires Meat and Wine Class includes:

  • Meat empanadas.
  • Tortas fritas ( Traditional fried bread).
  • Meat cooked in malbec wine sauce with potatoes.
  • Flan with dulce de leche (flan with local milk and sugar sweet).
  • Malbec wine.


  • The minimum for this class is 3 people (this is a private class)
  • The duration of the class is: 3 hs.
  • The Buenos Aires Meat and Wine Class includes all the ingredients and materials needed.
  • Class is available every day.
  • Flexible start time.
  • Class available in english, and spanish.
  • Location: Palermo, City of Buenos Aires.



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