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Buenos Aires Dessert Class


Buenos Aires as the capital of Argentina gets together all the different influences of the immigrants that arrived in the country in the past from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Russia, and many other places.

As a result the local gastronomy reflects the union between all these cuisines giving as result a variate and interesting menu. This class reunites the best of the Argentine cuisine for the dessert lovers, if you prefer sweets over dinner, the Buenos Aires dessert class is for you!

The Buenos Aires Dessert class includes:

  • Pastelitos (local pastry made with dough, filled with membrillo a local sweet)
  • Panqueques con dulce de leche (thin panqueques filled with a local sweet made from milk and sugar)
  • Flan con dulce de leche (Flan with local sweet)
  • Arroz con leche (Rice pudding made de local way)
  • Sweet local desert wine


  • The minimum for this class is 3 people (this is a private class)
  • Buenos Aires Dessert Class duration: 3 hs
  • Buenos Aires Dessert Class includes all the ingredients and materials needed
  • Class is available every day
  • Flexible start time
  • Class available in English and Spanish
  • Location: City of Buenos Aires, Palermo.



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